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  • KEYWORDS: Bernard Delettrez Rings Triple Band 18K White Gold Ring w/White Grey and Black Diamonds 18K White Gold and Diamonds
  • SKU: bz410016-026-00
  • MANUFACTURER: Bernard Delettrez
  • SALEPRICE: 0.0
  • PRICE: 8155.0
  • RETAILPRICE: 8155.0
  • ARTIST: White Gold
  • LABEL: USA 5.5 - IT 10 - UK K
  • FORMAT: Women
  • GIFT: no
  • INSTOCK: yes
  • CONDITION: new
  • WARRANTY: 2 Years Warranty

Triple Band 18K White Gold Ring w/White Grey and Black Diamonds from the Change the World collection demands attention with a Gothic flair. Featuring three 18K (7.80 gr.tw.) white gold connected bands encrusted with 104 diamonds (0.71 ct.tw.) 104 grey diamonds (0.73 ct. tw.) and 104 black diamonds( 0.79 ct. tw.) Custom sizes av...
Bernard Delettrez Rings Triple Band 18K White Gold Ring w/White Grey and Black Diamonds 18K White Gold and Diamonds
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